We are supervisors of your Maritime Domain

We design, develop and produce solutions with a high technological content to transform the sea and the elements over water into a source of data and knowledge that assure that users have all necessary maritime information easy to reach, in real time, for adequate decision making.

We are a team of young people, with an important track record in technological developments that shares the passion and commitment of seamen.

Our Mission

Generate a safe and controlled environment for activities in the maritime domain while maintaining care for the environment.

How We Work

We play as a team with our clients, studying their needs and co-creating personalized solutions that really add value and have a concrete impact on the efficiency of their operation.

We adhere to international guidelines and global production standards.

We train and care about our people to guarantee the highest quality and the best service. We are strict in our controls and tests to provide a satisfactory use experience.

We are an industrial member of:

Work with us

Send us an email with your CV and you will be taken into account in the different opportunities.