Ports and Waterways


Maritime and Fluvial Transport

Maritime and
Fluvial Transport

From a “Smart Waterways” approach, Crux Marine offers elements of aid to navigation.

Our technology, supported by modern multi-brand AtoNs monitoring software, allows a significant reduction of costs and maintenance of a beaconing system.

All our products are developed according to the guidelines and recommendations of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA–AISM).


With the fisheries monitoring system CruxCATCH based on Vessel Tracking System technology of our own development, an active monitoring and simultaneous control of the actions of the vessels are achieved in real time, without any limitation of scope and without coverage gaps.

Aimed at coastguards, government agencies or other bodies responsible for managing an exclusive economic area or maritime domain, CruxCATCH becomes a fundamental ally to fight illegal, unreported and unregulated IUU fishing.

Its optimal tracking quality is transferred to a modern and friendly interface for visualization and processing of information in real time or history mode.

Maritime and fluvial transport

Our product CruxHUB adapts remote monitoring software to the needs of shipowners or other stakeholders for fleet tracking and management.

Through the integration of different technologies, including the use of AIS inland and satellite links, information on the location of a vessel, traffic in the area, navigation conditions, for monitoring assets can be accessed in real time.


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