Aids to navigation elements

From a “Smart Waterways” approach, CRUX MARINE offers intelligent navigation aid elements to delimit navigable channels, signal obstacles and guide the navigator.

Our technology, supported by modern AtoNs multi-brand monitoring software, allows a significant cost reduction and maintenance of the beacon system.

All our products are developed according to the guidelines and recommendations of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA – AISM).

GEOCrux Vessel Tracking System

By integrating inland and satellite AIS, radar and CCTV technologies, our VTS “GEO Crux” allows, among others, access to the position and information of AtoNs and ships, track their movements, obtain traffic information at sea, rivers, access channels or vessels in ports.

CRUXCatch - Fisheries Monitoring System

With the CRUXCatch fishing monitoring system based on Vessel Tracking System type technology of our own development, active monitoring and simultaneous control of the vessel’s actions is achieved in real time, without limitation of range and without coverage gaps.

Aimed at coastguards, government agencies or other bodies responsible for the management of an exclusive economic zone or maritime domain, CRUXCatch becomes a fundamental ally to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (INDNR) fishing.

Its optimal monitoring quality is transferred to a modern and friendly interface for viewing and processing information in real time or historical mode.

Detect cooperative and non-cooperative vessels.
Review the trajectory of a ship, check its activity and generate proof of inspection.
Simplify the administration and control of your closure areas.
Take care of yours by receiving SOS emergency messages in real time.

CRUXHub - Asset monitoring and management system

CRUXHub is an advanced platform for effective fleet monitoring and management globally.
Through the use of AIS inland and satellite links and communications, the shipowner or other interested parties will be able to access in real time information on the location of their vessel, traffic in the area, state, navigation conditions, technical and non-technical details from other ships, designated routes and even photographs.

Consolidated data on the location and status of your assets in real time.

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If you are interested in receiving more information, send us a message.

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If you are interested in receiving more information, send us a message.